Share Easily
Forget about long addresses that have to constantly copy and paste. Share your .metis name instead!
Simple Transaction
No need to stress to check the wallet address, just enter the recipient's name like with email and phone number.
Your Full Control
metis domain is an ERC721 (NFT). Your domains are securely stored in your wallet and only you can manage and move them.
Audited smart contracts ensure that sending money to the metis domain is just as secure as sending to a regular address.
SDK Integration
Integrate metis domain into your Project to make wallet & dapp & app more user-friendly.
More and more
We have big plans for the metis domain and we're just getting started. Stay here and stay up to date with the latest announcements

What you can do with .metis domain?

Set NFT Avatar
Easily set your picture as your NFT Avatar.
Sub Domains
Create unlimited subdomains like welcome.hello.metis. You can create subdomains for members of your organization easily.
Public Profile
Attach publicly visible profile information: your website, physical address, crypto address, social media...
NFT Galleries
NFT galleries where you can display your NFT Collections. It is organized with many functions to help you manage easily in science.
Cross Chain
Transfer .metis domain between EVM blockchain platforms.


What is blockchain domains?
A blockchain domain is an asset class on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your web address and wallet using smart contracts.
Can I transfer my metis domain?
Yes. metis domain are ERC721 compliant NFTs, you can transfer it with wallet that supports ERC721.
Does metis domain compatible with traditional ICANN domains?
No, metis domain is built with blockchain technology.
How to connect metamask wallet and transfer METIS?
Connect Metamask: Comming Soon
Can metis domain be traded on NFT maketplace?
Yes, metis domain may be traded on NFT marketplaces soon.
How much does it cost to register?
Following levels:
- 5 characters+
- 4 characters
- 3 characters
- 2 characters
Characters 2, 3 and 4 will be overvalued because they are limited in number.